Mike Adamick decided that watching movies over winter break and making homemade popcorn in a microwaved paper lunch bag wasn’t enough for he and his daughter. Like, you know, that stuff is soooooo pedestrian.

So, Adamick and his daughter made a “crab cam” out of an iPhone, a waterproof case, a net, and other crab-related stuff. The plan was to drop this iPhone in the water and watch all of the crabs scuttle by. Only problem is that nothing really went by, and it’s pretty dark under the water. But being amateur marine biologists, Adamick and his daughter tested a couple theories in their search for undersea life. Adamick’s most important line in the whole video was “I hope my daughter learned that failure is a huge part of science.”

Hey, anyone at NASA can tell you that.

Here’s the video that resulted from the adventure:

Seriously though, it’s super-rad to see dad-kid projects like this, especially ones that involve a little problem-solving and a little failure.

Also, Adamick’s “Cry It Out” was the top pick on Babble’s “Top 50 Dad Blogs 2011“, so we also officially hate him. JK…probably.