We covered the Power of Dad “Fatherhood Recognition Awards” back in November, and just this week, the recipients were revealed. See the names after the hop.

Here are the recipients:

  • Christopher Pryor of Saginaw Township
  • Donald J. McAnelly of Saginaw Township
  • Cassen L. Gates, 45, of Saginaw
  • Joseph P. Grace, 40, of Bridgeport
  • Brent R. Smith, 44, of Bay City
  • Roger J. Boylan, 49, of Hemlock
  • Kurt A. Cullison, 42, of Midland
  • Kris D. Seals, 39, of Saginaw Township

I suppose if you’re not from the area, you can just forget you read all those names.

Recipients will be honored at a dinner, on Friday, February 24 at Horizons Conference Center in Saginaw Township. For ticket info, check out the sauce.

And congratulations to the winners – you make a good name for fatherhood!