A father recorded his daughter standing by the exit escalator of Massachusetts’ Copley Place Mall, and sure, there’s nothing terribly special about goodbyes, we want you to watch this video without cracking a smile. Though the video is dated 2009 – it’s just now going viral, so we’re riding the trend-wave.

From the father’s description on YouTube: “Recently my daughter and I spent some time at the Copley Place mall in Boston, MA. We came upon the escalator that brings you down from the mall level down to the walkway that goes to the Prudential Center. My daughter took the liberty of standing at the escalator to say “bye” to everyone on the escalator. Almost everyone said “bye” back to her and had smiles on there faces. I just thought it was the most funniest and cutest thing. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Check it out:

And as one commenter on Buzzfeed said, “this should be the Wal Mart greeter’s training video.”