There’s an online backlash taking place today, Friday, January 27th from 9-10pm EST to protest a Georgia advertising campaign. Strong4Life has purchased billboard ads all over the State of Georgia, hoping to provide a “wake-up call” to Georgian parents about how many children are obese. These ads are a bit controversial and actually to do more harm to children than good.

The HuffPo covered this campaign a few weeks back to a resounding “WTF?”.

Kids don’t need WARNING labels.

8BitDad is on board with the #Ashamed protest, spearheaded by mom blog, Mamavation. Children need a voice in this issue because they are powerless while the billboard stands tall above them. While this reality-check-style of advertising is proven somewhat effective in other campaigns – like smoking or drug abuse – obesity is more complex. Obese kids aren’t the problem, obesity is. Basically there are better ways to go about generating awareness, where the healthy lifestyles and choices of children begin and end with the parents. The kids are innocent here, it’s best to just leave them alone.

While mom bloggers have shown that they have sharpest claws in the fight given Mamavation‘s lead in, “Mom blogging and health-based communities all over the internet are uniting…”, 8BitDad will be scratching alongside the moms with toothpicks and beard combs.

For more information of the online protest, click the sauce below.