Just in case you had any doubts, this is the new the thing to do at weddings. The annoying wedding party dance down the aisle to “Forever” is finally over and the focus is now on the Father Daughter Dance. Oddly enough, there are tons of videos like this online now – seemingly similar and possibly an ode to the Evolution of Dance by Judson Laipply.

Most of the related videos on the YouTubes are pretty meh or have too long of an intro or are too professionally staged. We’ll save you a little time and show you the best one that was captured May 31st of 2011.

Apply the Wadsworth Constant and skip ahead to 01:45 in the video below.

Major props to the dad for hanging in there through Britney Spears. He didn’t give up and he showed that he would do anything for his daughter on her special day. We’re giving a 1UP to the DJ and whoever operated the lights to pull this off without any of the guests suspecting.