Breaking news from the 8BitDad news wire: the UK dad group “New Fathers 4 Justice” are arranging a rally in front of British Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke’s house. The rally is set for Saturday, January 28 – which is in 24 hours or less, depending on which side of the pond you’re on.

New Fathers 4 Justice are known for rallying in favor of father’s rights – and usually, their protests consist of wearing superhero costumes and climbing to the roof of someone’s office. This time around, costumes are encouraged, and protestors are to bring purple flags, whistles, drums and whatever “loudhailers” are. Us yanks assume it’s a cross between a bullhorn and an inhaler. More deets after the hop.

The call-to-action in our e-mail box said:

‘Dick Dastardly’ David Norgrove’s review was a ludicrous sham

Ken Clarke and Jonathan Djanogly alias the ‘Slag Brothers’ are still living in the Stone Age and attempting to block an automatic presumption of contact for fathers and grandparents after family breakdown.

Let them know we live in the 21st century!

Late last year, David Norgrove’s official Family Justice Review suggested that, in part, “No legislation should be introduced that creates or risks creating the perception that there is a parental right to substantially shared or equal time for both parents.” Norgrove’s report, essentially told fathers that they no longer had a right to their children, and in matters of divorce, would have to go back to court for the right to see them.

Protestors are encouraged stop buggering around and meet at 10:30am in one of two places:

82 Courtenay Street
SE11 5PQ


173 Melton Road
West Bridgeford

There will also be a moment of silence at noon in honor of a father that recently took his own life after a family court case excluded him from his childrens’ lives.

And if you’d like more information, check out the event page on Facebook.