This week’s Podcast Question of the Week is about getting a good night’s sleep:

How do you deal with your kids’ nightmares?

Eventually, every kid has a nightmare. Whether it’s because s/he’s seen a scary movie or just invented some sort of mental monster, the dark makes everything worse. So, inevitably, you end up back in your kid’s room, consoling them, or worse, getting a handful of blankets and stuffed animals ready to dump into your bed.

Do you regulate television shows that you think will lead to nightmares? Do you use “monster spray” before bed? Do you let your kid sleep in your bed? Do you sleep in your kid’s bed? Do you have a man-to-wo/man talk with your kid and let them know that there aren’t any monsters? Do you try to manage things before the nightmare ever happens? Or do you do damage control once it does?

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast! Be sure to watch on Tuesday, 2/7.