Lisa Wade, Ph.D. at Occidental College (westsiiiiiiiide!) just went there, over at The Society Pages: A celebration of “Jay-Z’s Newfound Feminist Fatherhood” as evinced by his nixing of the word “bitch” in his future works.

The big, ugly dickvein of it all is, of course, that Jay-Z never actually said that he’d stop saying “bitch.” In fact, according to VIBE, he once called his then-pregnant wife Beyoncé Knowles a “hot bitch.”

So, there’s that. But wait, it gets better. We haven’t even talked about the Sociologists and Feminists yet.

So, let’s recap, because I threw a lot at you really quickly and started talking about dickveins out of context to everyone but me: TSP’s Wade bases her recap of a recent study on an incorrect quote. Jay-Z confirms he’s still a misogynist via VIBE and NY Daily News. 8BitDad uses “dickvein” as an indicator of an amazing game-ruiner.

Wade’s recap was about a study entitled “The Effect of a Child’s Sex on Support for Traditional Gender Roles,” by Emily Shafer and Neil Malhotra. It says, in brief, that when fathers have daughters, they tend to soften their gender role expectations. Or, for those more fond of a lower-end Flesch-Kincaid explanation: dads don’t want their daughters in the kitchen.

We’ll let Jay-Z himself show you the facts:

So, what’s even better about this whole story is that women aren’t buying it – and for good reason. First, let me say that there is a valid study here. But it seems like there’s no real quality-of-life constant that is measured; respondents to the survey basically gauge their own support for traditional gender roles before and after having a daughter. There’s no litmus test as to if the fathers actually practice what they preach, and there’s no eye-witnesses saying “no, in fact, Roger did tell me to put on something cute and get him a sandwich long after our daughter was born.” I don’t know if you could even test for that, but my guess is that whoever did the research would be busy for years and paid handsomely for it.

Commenters on Wade’s story also feel a wave of malaise for the result:

C.D. Leavitt said, in part, “In most cases, it’s a matter of a man feeling paternalistic ownership of a specific female. He wants to protect his property and see it succeed. That study doesn’t show anything about his actual treatment or concern for unrelated females. He’s simply loosened his grip on traditional gender roles, perhaps simply to give greater options for one female and one female only.”

YIKES! But wait, Leavitt has another nail for the coffin: “Falling in love and marrying a woman, having a woman for a mother, having sisters, none of these things made him question gender roles. It was only when he felt ownership over a female that such a change took place. The insincerity there is absurd.”

JS asks, “Even if Jay-Z had actually said this, does deciding that you will no longer constantly refer to women publicly as “bitches” following the birth of your daughter really make you a ‘feminist father’?”

To which Judith Angelo responds, “yeah – this view implies that calling women ‘bitches’ is normal – that any man who uses non-pejorative words to refer to women is a feminist. & -? – that calling women ‘bitches’ is an aspect of traditional gender roles? really?”

Similar scores of women not buying it can also be found in the comments section at my favorite feminist hangout Jezebel.