Here’s a story from Saturday that got lost in Super Bowl fever: more than 125 schools in Atlanta, Georgia alone have a breakfast once a month for fathers and their kids called the “All Pro Dad’s Day.” One such breakfast, covered by 11 Alive, is at Dunwoody Elementary. The fathers and kids meet, eat, and talk about real-life topics related to parenthood.

The group at Dunwoody Elementary is a chapter of All Pro Dad, an organization launched in-part by Tony Dungy, former NFL player and Bowl-winning coach. Though Dungy won’t admit it – he knows that the magic equalizer between fathers and kids is bacon.

The program is in 1,500 schools across the nation. If you’re in Montana, Wyoming or Maine, you’re out of luck – but fathers in every other state can find a chapter here. If you want to help start a chapter at your elementary school, check out the Sauce and Via links below.

Now, here’s the elephant in the room: Dungy is publicly against gay marriage. So, this All Pro Dad thing might not be for you. We’re just the messengers. If you’ve had a good or bad experience with the All Pro Dad program, let us know in the comments.