Across the pond on Monday, the British government gave its official response to David Norgrove’s Family Justice Review. The review initially irritated father’s rights groups, who found the language excluding fathers in matters of divorce and dispute. The government’s response on Monday was a rejection of Norgrove’s suggestions, which in part, pleased fathers scared to be removed from their children’s lives.

Even Ken Clarke, who was the recent target of a rally by father’s group New Fathers 4 Justice, said that “we want to put back confidence that the courts will have proper regard to the position of fathers and the right of the child to have contact with the father, but of course in the end the interests of the child must be uppermost and it isn’t always possible.”

Clarke also noted that judges will have rights to remove a child from a non-complying parent that is disallowing their child’s access to the other parent.

8BitDad isn’t one to leave well enough alone, so we asked our contact at New Fathers 4 Justice what they thought about Clarke’s statement. Rich Adams, of NF4J told us that it was “all smoke and mirrors” and that only a couple of words in the report had been changed. Adams called it “a small step in the right direction,” but is skeptical about how the laws will play out in “secret family court with no extra powers of enforcement.”

“If it is still done in secret how do we know its being applied?”

Read more about the issue at the sauce. And thanks to Rich Adams, of NF4J for giving us a statement.