This week’s Podcast Question of the Week is about reading:

What magazines do you read with your kids?

The magazine industry hasn’t been the same ever since people started going digital. But whether you’re flipping through a magazine with your kid before bed, or swiping through the digital version on a Saturday afternoon, magazines are still a great way to do some reading and look at big beautiful pictures and photos. Sometimes, families that aren’t as inclined to buying novels and books can use magazines as a doorway to reading.

Are you a nature lover that reads National Geographic? A tech lover that reads Wired? Do you and your kid read ESPN Magazine or Sports Illustrated together? Do you check out video game reviews in Game Informer? Or do you both read one of the kid-friendly magazines like Highlights, Ranger Rick or Ask?

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast! Be sure to watch on Tuesday, 2/14.