Saddest story you’ll read all day.

Texas man Mark Aulger had survived colon cancer, but chemotherapy had deteriorated his lungs, leaving scarring so bad that Mark was slowly suffocating to death. He was admitted to the hospital and his doctor gave him only days to live. His wife, Diane, was eight months pregnant, and decided to induce her labor two weeks early so that Mark could hold his daughter before he died. He did just that – held his new daughter, Savannah, for 45 minutes after she was born.

The WFAA reports that Mark fell into a coma a few days later and then died.

It’s hard to give any sort of opinion on this because then you’ve got to somehow imagine yourself in the situation, which is tough beyond words. Condolences to the Aulgers from 8BitDad.

WARNING: If you’ve got any sort of heart, do NOT read anything in the original-sauced article below the line “But Diane Aulger said all the kids treated Mark like their father.” Just don’t. I know you’re going to, but just don’t.