If you want a sign of the times, here it is: The Telegraph reports that an unidentified gal had a sex-change years ago, took hormones more recently which reactivated his/her female reproductive system, and gave birth six-ish months ago. There’s no correct response to reading that – part of you wants to say “NO!” And part of you wants to say “yeah, so?” And part of you wants to say “well, good for shim.” It’s believed that this person lives in the Midlands, which means nothing to us here in the U.S., with his-or-her long-term-relationship-gender-unidentified-partner.

From what the Tele has mentioned, the guy-or-gal never had their uterus removed, and hormones were able to reactivate it.

Evidently, Britain doesn’t know how to feel about this, and is having some hard talks on transgender births, which is why this issue is just coming up now. As the story goes, the Beaumont Society, a transgender community and support group, fielded a call from the man, who asked particulars about transgender men having babies. Et cetera, et cetera, dude(tte) calls back six months ago and thanks the Beaumont Society and says he had a baby.

No one’s sure if the man-lady had a c-section or if the baby was born…ummm…you know. Vaginally. Tee-hee.

So – all issues aside, congratulations to this guy-or-gal. And I’m not being insulting in this article straddling the line – usually transgender people start as one gender, then begin living as another. So, for someone to start life as one gender, live as another (down to the biology), then reverse themselves with hormones to perform a biological function of their initial gender – I’m at a loss as to which gender to refer to this person. So congrats to them – and their partner. We hope that whatever genders both parents identify with, they raise their child with love and safety.