Josh Powell won’t be buried next to his children, thanks to some quick-thinking Washington police. Powell, who was being investigated for his wife’s disappearance years earlier, pulled his two sons inside of his home during what was to be a supervised visitation, then murdered them with a hatchet and blew the house up, killing himself as well. His ultimate cowardice to face courts cost him his life, and unfortunately, took his children’s lives as well.

So, Detective Ed Troyer and Sheriff Paul Pastor of the Pierce County sheriff’s office did what they thought was right – they put down payments on all of the plots surrounding Powell’s boys in the cemetery. That way, Powell would not be able to be buried next to the sons that he murdered.

Troyer is also the director of a nonprofit organization called Crime Stoppers. “We might not be able to keep Josh Powell from being buried in the cemetery, but we can keep him away from the boys. Bottom line is, it’s not fair for murder victims to have the murder suspect laid to rest next to them. It’s hurtful to the community and dishonors the boys,” Troyer told the Los Angeles Times.

The Powell family wants Josh Powell to be buried in a spot where Josh would be “overlooking” the kids, but even the municipal cemetery is uncomfortable selling that plot to the family. The city manager is waiting for the legal trouble to pass before he makes a decision. Currently, an attorney representing the parents of Susan Cox Powell, Josh’s wife that had disappeared, has a lawsuit pending.

And Josh Powell’s father, who is coincidentally also reportedly a son of a bitch, won’t work with police and answer questions about Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance.

In the meantime, Crime Stoppers is hoping to raise the money to fully pay for the plots, as well as create a memorial for the boys. They are taking donations on their website, sauced below.

Thank you, humanity, for making this terrible situation a small bit more acceptable. And thanks to one of my Facebook besties for giving me the heads-up on this story.