Mark Wahlberg, whose career we’ve watched mature from teen heart-throb aided by the Funky Bunch to an Oscar-nominated movie star, is planting another tent-pole in the book of life: Wahlberg is taking his two eldest children to witness him having his tattoos removed.

He hopes it will be a lesson for his kids. “I’m taking my kids to the procedure so they see how painful it is,” Mark Wahlberg told the Today Show this morning.

There’s not much else talk about having them removed in the interview, but he does talk more about fatherhood, saying if his kids want to work in the entertainment industry, he’ll support them, but will do everything he can “to point them in another direction.”

And this jewel: “I have always said if I succeed as a businessman and fail as a father it’s all been for nothing,” said Wahlberg. “That’s the most important role is being a parent and a husband.” He’s said the same statement before, and it’s great to hear this sort of commitment to fatherhood from a person with so many work projects going on.

Here’s the whole interview:

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