Editor’s Note: “Fatherhood On the Go” is the multi-part story of Remy Stevensen and his family. Please consider donating to this cause (DONATION DRIVE OVER) to make Remy’s ride a success!

On March 1st, my wife, two of our children and myself will be biking across the country. We will pack our bikes, get on an airplane courtesy of Alaskan Airlines here in Seattle, and fly to Long Beach California. My wife will be carrying supplies and I will be pulling the kids in a trailer made by Chariot, along with some gear and musical instruments. The Chariot has 5 point harnesses for the two kids, a roll cage, and leaf springs for suspension (No shaken babies in this family).

Our route will first bring us to Yuma, AZ then Phoenix, White Sands National Monument and on up to Omaha to see my wife’s brother. We then swing a little more north to see more family in Iowa. After Iowa, we head east and north up to Niagara Falls. I brought my oldest son to Niagara Falls when I was moving home after the military, so it will be nice to bring the youngest children there as well. The last leg of our tour will be for us to shoot east to Syracuse, through southern Vermont and New Hampshire to our destination; Bar Harbor, Maine.

We are going to ride two bicycles across the country to raise awareness and funds for Charity: Water, which is, in our personal opinions, an awesome charity.

Charity: Water

Water, we are made mostly of it. Being a dad has taught me how important it is to the development of children. Being raised in western society means I have had some of the best drinking water and now my children do too. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for all people’s children. Charity: Water is an organization that is working to fix that.

As of January 15, 2012 Charity: Water has provided 2,545,000 people with clean drinking water. With this charity, as opposed to many other so-called “charities”, 100% of public donations go directly to the places in need to fund water projects. This means a lot to my wife and myself. We both have looked into many of these “charities” and many do not use a large percentage of their donations for the actual cause. My wife and I don’t have a lot of money, we are activists not philanthropists and we don’t support shady organizations now matter how flashy they seem.

If you would like to donate to my Charity: Water campaign, you can do so here (Donation link removed, campaign over).

Why Are We Doing This?

Are we some world class athletes? To be brief, we are doing this because we want to. I have been planning a big thing like this for a while but life happens. My wife is doing this because she likes the idea; she is an adventurer, headstrong and thinks this is a good way for us to start out our nomadic lives. Bicycling is a very efficient and environmental mode of transportation. We like helping other people. And no, we are not world class athletes. My wife is a runner, I am a swimmer but we both have only done recreational bicycling for fun. We do, however, walk 30+ miles a week, we enjoy bicycling, are hard-headed and determined.

Is it going to be tough? OH, without a doubt! I know there will be days we won’t want to get out from under the sleeping bag. There will the the chaffed backside and diaper rash screams from the Chariot. But, everyday is an accomplishment. Everyday we, as a whole family, will have some forward momentum and visible accomplishments. I believe toughness will make us stronger and help us enjoy the good times.

How will parenting be on the road?

I have no flippin’ clue! We aren’t the normal, mainstream parents in the first-place so it is difficult to imagine the difference. We plan on parenting the same way we would in our apartment. Somethings aren’t for the children to touch or climb on. We will have plenty of spots for time-outs if needed. We have travel insurance and a “Spot Satellite GPS Messenger.” The insurance speaks for itself and the “Spot” we can use to send out an SOS, track our progress and check-in with custom messages along the way. In my opinion, parenting (and life in general) is more about managing risk and danger not always avoidance and elimination.

What will we do after this ride and what do I think the children will get out of it? Well, I will discuss this more along the way but the Cliffnotes version is: this is only the beginning and we are heading to Europe next. We hope the children get to see the world in the first person instead of a television set or a laptop screen. We hope our children retain the languages we learn and learn respect for other cultures. And the hopes, dreams and aspirations for our children along with our own lives goes on and on…

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Editor’s Note: Please donate to this cause (donation link removed, campaign over) and make Remy’s ride a success!

“Fatherhood On the Go” is the multi-part story of Remy Stevensen and his family, who are beginning a nomadic lifestyle by biking across the country with two children and all the while, raising money for Charity: Water. Their ultimate goal is to travel to impoverished nations to implement the infrastructure for which they’re raising money. 8BitDad is proud to help Remy and family get the word out about this charity, and get closer to their goal.