If you are searching for a unique way to teach younglings the ways of the alphabet, then look no further because we have a nerdtastic treat for you!

I admittedly only recently discovered these illustrations, much later than others in internet years, through a bilingual French site, Geek-Art.net; a wonderful blog managed by Thomas Olivri, where I notably fawned over the mutual adoration of Star Wars. In Thomas’ original post, he provided a link to the source of the alphabet illustrations which lead me to a cantina where I happened to meet up with the two bounty hunters artists.

Husband and wife, Brandon and Emma Peat, are in their mid-twenties and met while attending the graphic design program at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana. “I’m sure that having like-minded artistic brains was a major factor in how and why we got together”, Brandon says. They started dating shortly after he graduated in 2007 where they were married 2 years later.

Tycho was something of a surprise for us, and like many first-time parents, we were a little intimidated.