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Lysol “Healthy Families” Means Mom & Baby
8 years ago

Lysol “Healthy Families” Means Mom & Baby

168 – 3. If you were watching a sports game, this would be considered an upset. If those numbers were an election result, it’d become abundantly clear that no one liked the second candidate. But – whew, thank heaven – those are only the amount of mentions of mom versus dad on Lysol’s website.

That’s right – at our last count, 168 mentions between “mom” and “mother.” And only THREE for “dad.” None for “father.”

You’re obviously tired of 8BitDad muck-raking through websites and trying to squint hard enough to find a bias against fathers. But with a 168-3 ratio, it’s hard to say that Lysol is embracing fathers in the home.

Clearly, Lysol doesn’t like “the second candidate.”

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