168 – 3. If you were watching a sports game, this would be considered an upset. If those numbers were an election result, it’d become abundantly clear that no one liked the second candidate. But – whew, thank heaven – those are only the amount of mentions of mom versus dad on Lysol’s website.

That’s right – at our last count, 168 mentions between “mom” and “mother.” And only THREE for “dad.” None for “father.”

You’re obviously tired of 8BitDad muck-raking through websites and trying to squint hard enough to find a bias against fathers. But with a 168-3 ratio, it’s hard to say that Lysol is embracing fathers in the home.

Clearly, Lysol doesn’t like “the second candidate.”

Because I know you never believe us, check out Lysol’s “Healthy Families” page.

If you’re a mom, you’re welcomed with great germaphobic tips on how to raise your baby without ever exposing them to the kind of bacteria that, ultimately, could enhance their immune system. If you’re a dad, you’re faced with a bunch of stuff that doesn’t mean anything to you because once you saw that it was all directed to mothers, you politely closed your browser.

Strangely enough, Lysol used to mention fathers – but you’ve got to reach back to the first half of the 20th century to find it:

It should, of course, be noted that they’re not really marketing toward fathers, but merely showing a dad with his kids. Aha! So they admit men can be parents too! Gotcha!

Time To Clean Up Your Act

Not mentioning fathers leads us to believe that either we SHOULDN’T buy their product, or that we somehow physically CAN’T use their product. Because we at 8BitDad aren’t that bright, we wanted to know which one it was, so we reached out to Lysol on Facebook:

Click the image above to leave Lysol a comment too!

This is starting out to be quite the gentleman’s battle, and at the moment, we’ve inspired a couple other dads (and one future father!) to comment as well. We don’t want to destroy Lysol – but we want Lysol to know that fathers also clean their homes and use these types of products.

Mom, This Is Bad For You Too

We also want moms to know that even thought Lysol wants them to do all of the housework, us fathers are fully willing and able to do it too – and the brands that speak directly to mothers are telling them, in no uncertain terms, that mothers should be in the home, cooking, cleaning and care-giving to kids, while dad is out working. Brands that speak to parents equally encourage equity in the home and at work! As long as big home-care brands treat mothers like the sole homemaker, it perpetuates the image and culture of women’s place being in the kitchen. Want to know why women make 70-cents-to-the-dollar that men make? Perceptions like this.

Good fathers respect their wives for all the hard work they do – in and out of the home. And good mothers respect their husbands for all the good work they do in and out of the home. But as long as brands don’t talk to fathers, fathers won’t feel welcome to do that work.

Join our quest to have fathers recognized on Lysol’s website! Leave them a comment by clicking the picture above! Like all of the previous comments! Kiss your partners! Kiss your kids!

We’re overjoyed to see that Lysol says their lead microbiologist figured out how fathers can use Lysol! Do you have a picture of yourself trying to use a “legacy” Lysol product? Send it to us! We want to see how much of an ass you look like trying to use products not intended for fathers! We’ll add it to the gallery below:


Wow! Maybe they’re right! Dads have no place near Lysol! Or…should we say, “LysLOL”.

If you’re the type of parent that’s into more direct action, feel free to let Lysol know they should include fathers on their site, using their own contact page.

Tell ’em 8BitDad sent you.