If you expected to see a real beatboxing baby, I’m terribly sorry.

Sean Phillips, of A Moving Picture Studios (cleverly acronym’d AMPS, *musician high-five*), created this video of his 7-month-old son “beatboxing” with the help of some clever editing. I, for one, love this video and look forward to more from Sean.

There are a few, let’s be real, women in the comments on cafemom.com who decided to go full-on Sheldon and mention how this was “simply manipulated to sound that way” and “special effects does not make something real.”

Well, you know what?


I don’t want to get off on a rant here, but this is how far we’ve come since the internet. People are dissing OBVI fun and entertaining videos because of the editing AND because the title somehow depicts you WILL see an AUTHENTIC beatboxing baby that has proper credentials and currently has at least 6-months of beatboxing experience in-utero?

8BitDad is saying this: take a minute out of your life to enjoy the video. Share it on Twitter/Facebook below. Or you know what, take a poloroid picture of the video and then send it off in a handmade card via snail mail to your someone you love – because people out there want to enjoy themselves and not have to worry if they’re going to get bummed out by someone else trying to 1up others to make themselves feel better every now and then again.


So, Sean: can we look forward to some baby dubstep next?