Recently on the nightly news, there was a story about “the cinnamon challenge,” a game – if you can call it that – where participants attempt to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon without water. That’s literally the whole thing.

Of course, like all fun-and-games, it was great until school kids started doing it. You kids ruin everything. And get off my lawn, while you’re at it.

The cinnamon challenge isn’t a new phenomenon, but is getting incredible amounts of press attention, including the Wall Street Journal, because you know, the 1% love a good challenge.

It is indeed a challenge. Because cinnamon is ground into small particles, it immediately coats the inside of your mouth, throat, and if you start coughing, your nostrils and lungs.

According to doctors, inflammation of the lungs is a likely result of the cinnamon challenge – and if you’re into scare tactics, we’ll just say it can also cause pulmonary edema and – yeah, let’s go there – death.

Okay, it won’t kill your kid. But they might die of embarrassment when their bestie posts a video on YouTube of them throwing up cinnamon sauce.

WTG, dude. Now try cayenne pepper.

Be a good dad and sit down with your kids and show them some of the better cinnamon challenge videos. Father-up and tell them that it’s dangerous, and they’d be best to let the “professionals” on the internet handle it. There are a couple of videos out there where people trick young kids into doing the “challenge.” That’s not cool, and you’re breaking the first rule of challenges – don’t make your kid do something that you’re not willing to do.

That being said, this was always a favorite:

Anyone notice that most of the videos are young gals? That means if you’ve got a daughter, the fake statistic is that they’re 80% more likely to do the cinnamon challenge than your son.

Isn’t there a better challenge for kids to be taking-on? Maybe a “perfect SAT score” challenge, for those that are into impossible urban legends.