William Lucas Walker is an Emmy-award winning writer and producer, and has two children with his husband Kelly. He’s got a normal column at The Huffington Post (though I saw this on The Good Men Project) about his adventures in being a gay father. This particular entry titled “Homo’s Odyssey” is a story that takes on the idea of prejudice – and it’s not just one-sided.

You really should read Walker’s story, so I won’t ruin the whole thing for you (like I usually do). The jist: Walkers’ van broke down, which left Lucas, Kelly and their two kids waiting for AAA. The tow-truck guy showed up, and everyone assumed there’d be a showdown for gay America.

Walker notes that being stranded in California is an improvement over their experiences in South Carolina, but they were still wary, “stranded in the dark off I-5 in one of those counties where Prop 8 passed with 98 percent of the vote.”

So it was no wonder the Walkers were leery of their stereotypical-looking tow-truck driver. What followed was a story that surprises you, and if you read it at the right time of day, might make your eyes well-up a little.

No father is alike, but this story cuts straight to the heart of the matter: fatherly fears about society and how it will affect our kids. Read it NAO.

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