We’ve been talking about this one on Twitter, but it deserves a proper OMFG here. Alicia Silverstone, who’s most known for the movie “Clueless” (but we prefer remembering her as Batgirl in the trainwreck “Batman & Robin“), posted a video on her site, The Kind Life, of her baby-birding food to her son.

You know, as in she-chews-it-up-then-spits-it-into-his-mouth. Or, premastication, for you smart types. Or, The Hunger Games, if you prefer.

Since you don’t believe me, ROLL TAPE!


Silverstone, a born-again hippie, does this, we guess, to feed her son normal foods without having to put them through a food processor. Or because she’s cray-cray.

I mean, you know how picky she is about her shoes and those only go on her feet.

Okay, so this practice isn’t totally unheard of. There’s some cultures that have been doing it for thousands of years. Cultures without blenders. Some researchers believe that premastication helps pass immunity-boosting enzymes to the baby, kind of like breastfeeding.

And suddenly, the LA Times!

But because it’s the middle of the night and we’re a little cray-cray ourselves, here’s where we also mention en passant that babies are born through an orifice conveniently located next to the anus because – excuse my language – s**t like that helps pass a little “good” bacteria onto a kid born with a totally virgin immune system.

And while we’re calling people out, Mayim Bialik, of “Blossom” fame, breastfed her son until age 3. Just sayin’.

So, maybe we’re just judgmental jerks. Maybe we should STFU and let the poor gal do her thing. Fine. If you need us, we’ll Netflix-streaming “Batman & Robin” and baby-birding popcorn to each other.