All right-thinking young men, and many right-thinking young women, had dreams of growing up to be Batman. Playboy billionaire by day, stoic ass-kicker at night with all the coolest toys! As we have grown up, VERY few of us have the means to bring these dreams to fruition. As we have become parents, we try to be superheroes for our kids, but we rarely get to wear the cape of “DADMAN!! Defender of naptimes everywhere!!!”

It’s not nearly as glamorous.

One man, however, gets to live his dream!

Last week, police in Maryland pulled over a black Lamborghini with a license plate that was simply the bat symbol. When they asked the driver to get out, it turned out to be Batman! The police respected the hero code of conduct by not making the caped crusader take off his mask and reveal his identity to his arch-enemy, which is this case, is cancer in children.

When pulled over, Batman – or Lenny Robinson to his friends – was on his way back to the batcave after visiting children in hospitals and handing out Batman paraphenalia, to encourage them to beat their illnesses. Here’s a shot of him at one such hospital:

Lenny "Batman" Robinson: the most super of heroes.

When asked by reporters why he does it and how the parents receive him, he responded with:

The parents are beyond extremely grateful and comments that, “this is the first time my son or daughter has smiled in months” –that’s one comment I get a lot. I was at Mt. Washington pediatric center and there was a patient that just sat in wheelchair and had no emotion until I came and then he moved his hands and his feet and his head and came to life. At the end of the day, I say to myself, “Did I make a difference?” I hope the answer is yes.

Not only is Robinson a hero to sick children in the hospital, but he’s also a dad. His son, high school senior, often dresses up as Robin and goes to visit hospitals with his dad. Cool dad, or coolest dad ever? Only history can decide that.

I know that I often struggle to find activities that I can do with my children. I don’t want to be the dad who sits and watches with TV with them. I would much rather be the dad who does community works and teaches my kids to help others. I do know, however, that I will not be Batman.

I will happily settle for being Dadman.