Editor in Chief of TUAW, Victor Agreda, Jr., decided to get an iPod touch for his kids last Christmas. Being a divorced father, he wants to keep in contact with his kids while they’re with the other parent. What Agreda found was a bunch of experiences that can help to serve other fathers – both married and divorced.

“I do recommend that parents think hard about getting their kids iOS devices before making the leap,” says Agreda. “Most kids I have met under 10 are not responsible enough to ‘own’ an iPod touch without a lot of supervision.”

Agreda’s advice is a little more cautious than the balls-to-the-wall advice we heard back in October when we talked to the WIRED GeekDad Ken Denmead.

Agreda has a little trouble with set-up concerning @me accounts, but gets the iPods functioning. Another hiccup occurs with the parental controls. which Agreda says work “90% of the time.” His beef? Lack of granular parental controls knock out YouTube and Netflix apps instead of allowing for in-app (or otherwise separate) age controls.

Besides a couple of apps mentioned (Skype, Rdio, Frames, Eden), Agreda concludes that supervision is the key to a successful iPod purchase for a kid. Kids maybe more intuitive with technology as they grow up with it, but it’s still up to parents to set limits, be the back-up-your-stuff-nag, and help with gifting apps.

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