Amanda Bynes was at L.A.’s Greystone Manor Supperclub Thursday night before she was cited for investigation of DUI on Friday. I don’t know if you’ve seen pictures from inside Greystone Manor but that sh*t is ridiculous – you’d look foolish if you weren’t drinking where party rock is in the house (psst – that song is about cocaine).

Bynes’s father, Rick, is going on record saying, “She was not drunk. I was told that she blew a zero on the Breathalyzer. She didn’t have a single drink that night. My daughter doesn’t drink.” In a related line of questioning, Rick went on to say, “She is a good girl. She just chooses not to work, and because of that, people go after her.”

I give 8-bit props to Rick for standing by his daughter. Whether she was unable to drive, it sounds like he really believes her. And hey that’s cool. I’d probably do the same thing if I was clueless into the life of my celebrity daughter. I would want to sleep at night believing that I raised a “good girl”.

Unfortunately I know all about being 26 (a distant 6 years ago for me) and I’m pretty sure her parents haven’t been allowed full access into her private life for a while now. Take no work + posh treatment + money + attention and you’ve got the winning combo breaker for any celebrity within the TMZ.

According to a source from People, she “seemed fine to drive” when she left the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood – where she is a regular and had dinner Thursday night before her arrest. She had alcohol, but “never seemed drunk,” the source says.

Looks like next harvest will be even better.