victoria's secret

Jim Higley doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do while underwear shopping with his daughter – or does he?

If you’ve never talked to Jim Higley (aka The Bobblehead Dad), he’s a real pleasure to listen to. I know that sounds uncharacteristically soft for a hard, gangster, kick-ass site like 8BitDad, but it’s true. Higley will stumble through his bashfulness mentioning that he’s a single parent raising three kids, and that he survived cancer. But after introductions, Higley’s all business.

Today’s business was about taking his daughter underwear shopping. What do dads do when a girl, coming of age, needs underwear? Do you freak out? Do you find a female friend who can do the trip for you? Do you order it online?

No, you sac-up and pull a Jim Higley; you walk right into the most embarrassing lace-covered store, you look them in the eye, and own it, like a boss. Then, you green-light your daughter’s undies purchase as long as “crotchless” isn’t in the title, pay, and hit the road. Like a boss. Like a Bobblehead boss.

Check the sauce for Higley’s more detailed version.