More than a facepalm and less crazy than a sex tape, Paulina, Wayne Gretzky’s 23-year-old daughter, is in the news again. This time, she’s airing out her vagina next to a douche.

Back in November 2011, the queen of duck-face deleted her Twitter account due to her father – rightly – having issues with the photos she had been posting. Promptly issuing a public JK and a “don’t tell daddy“.

Her tweets calmed down for a while but now she’s back in full shutter-slut mode.

Deviant Art by cr8g

Let’s be real. Everyone under the age of Yoda knows that social media is huge right now. As a seemingly simplistic civilization, I seriously hope we will one day understand that life will forever be an RSS feed – no matter where you are or who you’re with, everything has the potential to influence your permanent social record and ruin your family’s reputation.

We’re living in a brave new 24 hour news cycle world where our character is being tested by technology and others. Some are capitalizing while others are failing… hard.

The main point of my article is this: Shutter-slut behavior is fairly common among pretty girls who need validation when their self-esteem tanks and grows to become painfully absent. Girls desperately need a male role-model in their life as they get into their teens (just ask Nas’ daughter) and in Paulina’s spread-eagle case, it’s because she was probably raised by a nanny. Mommy was an actress while daddy was being the Great One away from home, playing hockey from her birth to age 11, so naturally she’s still acting out because she can. This isn’t Intervention and I’m not Jeff so I don’t know how she was raised and honestly could care less.

What I do care about is my daughter and how I am involved in her life. I’ll be honest, it would have been awesome to make it big and tour with a famous band so I could experience different cities and maybe inspire others with music. I feel that I could have been moderately successful in my musical achievements and I always want more… but I’m good. My daughter inspires me now.

The best part of being a father is coming home after work to a small, innocent human. I’m going to enjoy that for as long as it lasts.