Kids can be brutally honest. They can also remind you how old you are and how the music you love is terribly lame. This has been happening for generations so don’t feel too bad that your kids won’t ever fully appreciate Every Rose Has It’s Thorn or anything.

Noisey is slowly becoming one of my favorite channels on YouTube, simply because of the “You Review” bits where kids spout off opinions on music. It’s one of those “F*CK, I wish I had thought of that” pieces of entertainment you just can’t bypass on a rainy day.

I write and record music. Consequently, I love Radiohead, so it was amusing for me to watch these kids listen and share their opinion of Radiohead’s title track, Paranoid Android.

A couple things. First off, N-Dubz is NOT better than Radiohead. I’ve heard N-Dubz and they’re okay. Not amazing or mind-blowing, however. The other element I picked up on was the kids’ honest perception and emotional diagnosis during the various sections of the song. At the slow bridge one of the kids says, “I do think he’s depressed, I don’t think he’s got any friends”.

A very concise reaction and also interesting how adults can take comfort in the complex, morose beauty of the song – yet kids don’t like it because it makes them sad.

You know what makes me sad?