Fernando's DIY Potty Training Steps

We put out a call for DIY-dads to send us pictures of projects they’ve done for their kids – and our first one came from Fernando, in Sacramento, California. Fernando ran into a common complaint while potty training his daughter Eva: almost all of the steps at the store are too high or too low, and since toilets are all different heights, it really takes a custom project to make for perfect potty practice. “I shopped for hours looking for a good step and there’s nothing really stable out there for the little ones, they all seemed to be designed for bigger kids,” Fernando told us in an e-mail.

Most of us just cave in and buy one of those little kid floor potties, then slosh toddler poop everywhere and stub our toes on it every night. Not Fernando.

Quoth Fernando:

My daughter was potty training pretty early. All the toilet steps were too high to step up for her and/or her feet dangled when sitting on the potty. Also, I was afraid she’d fall. So I measured how high her feet hung when on the toilet, made the top step at that height, then made the first step half way up. I made the sides tall for safety and used a hole drill to make them easy to grab. It’s solid wood (old scrap shelf) so it’s pretty heavy and stable.

And here’s Fernando’s complete solution:

Fernando's DIY Potty Training Steps

Awesome! Hey Nando…you sell these too?

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