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Bad Dadvertising: Oscar Mayer and McGarryBowen
8 years ago

Bad Dadvertising: Oscar Mayer and McGarryBowen

Oscar Mayer Bad Dadvertising

Let’s pretend you’re one of the most-known names in the meat industry. Let’s pretend your number-one selling product is hot dogs. Now, I’ve got no real demographics in front of me, but wouldn’t you want brand loyalty from men? So now, just for funsies, let’s just assume that fathers are men too. Using all this logic, wouldn’t a company like Oscar Mayer want to play friendly with fathers?

They should want to. But they’re not. And fathers, you should be mad. Your friend is stabbing you in the back. And as a coup de grâce, Oscar Mayer even jabs at father bloggers too.

Oscar Mayer’s new suite of commercials is so toxic for fathers that it’s making me rethink grilling season.

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