Michael was the #1 name in the 80s while my name hit the charts at #16. Today, according to the SSA, the most popular name for a boy in 2011 (for the 13th year in a row) was “Jacob”, while “Sophia” was a popular name for the females.

What Team Coco did was ask the community for help to select worse names that would be just downright terrible. In the meantime, we’re going strong with the most awesome name, “Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined“.

Here’s the list from Team Coco:

  1. Optimus Gandalf
  2. Honey Boo-boo
  3. Vidalia
  4. Haymitch
  5. Mittens
  6. Green Algae – Max Heyworth 
  7. Kony – @KatTheGoalie
  8. Derpina – Sergio Barajas Lozano 
  9. Edcob – Theresa Bruckner 
  10. Dorito Locos – Joey Hough 
  11. I’ll Have Another – Matt Kessler 
  12. Alopecia — @Madeyouread
  13. Jermajesty – Mickey Ryder
  14. Mittrack Obramney – Lori L. Craig 
  15. Spraytan – Adam Sandwell 
  16. Methany- Aaron Killian 
  17. Joffrey- Bryan Koerner 
  18. Dypthong – @Mehworth
  19. Zackcident – Matthew Bellany 
  20. Bidet – Jana Casale

I’m calling BS on whoever wrote in with “Mittens”.

That name is f*cking awesome.

It’d have to be a boys name too, where I train and raise him to become a brutal cage fighter. Mittens will see you in hell.