Desmond Hatchett has been in the news lately, so let’s keep the momentum going. This father in Tennessee has 30 kids with 11 different women. But the reason why Hatchett is in the news recently is because he’s not pleased about his child support responsibilities.

Dr. Drew Pinsky, addiction therapist to the stars and co-host of Los Angeles-based radio station KROQ’s “Love Line” show, calls Hatchett a “menace to society.” A caller on Pinsky’s show even suggested castration, while another suggested that if Hatchett acts like a dog, have him fixed like a dog.

Hatchett, according to WREG, is complaining that he can’t possibly pay his child support with his minimum wage job – so he’s asking for a break on it. For the record, his kids range in ages from newborns to 14 years old, and some of his children’s mothers only receive $1.49 per month. This is in-part because the state can only take 50% of Hatchett’s paycheck – which it then splits among the mothers.

Law enforcement can’t, according to the LA Times, force Hatchett to not have more kids. And according to this video from 2009, Hatchett says he knows all of his kids’ names, ages and birthdays.

Naturally, these kids will end up being raised by taxpayers. People like Hatchett need to be stopped. But something that no one’s discussing – there are as many as 30 kids with 11 women. This means that some of these women have multiple kids with Hatchett. While Hatchett is 100% absolutely a dirtbag, you’ve got to wonder why some of these women had multiple children with him. When he was not taking care of the first kid, why would you, as a woman and a mother, agree to have more with him? And did the mothers know about each other? Were they aware, while reproducing with Hatchett, that he had other women in his life and multitudes of children?

While it’s a media-friendly story just to say “death to Hatchett,” clearly this story illustrates why education needs to be done with both genders about the importance of parenthood. And if Hatchett ends up magically castrated (which I’m all for), maybe we should consider scooping out some uteri as well just to stop the other side of the equation. Just sayin’.