R&B singer Usher Raymond has been in the news this week because of a custody battle with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond. The Hotlanta Atlanta court battle began a couple of days ago, and hit its media frenzy pinnacle today when all news sources reported that Raymond cried while on the stand.

Raymond married Tameka Foster in 2007, and the couple divorced two years later. They have two children together; Usher Raymond V (4) and Naviyd Ely Raymond (3). Foster is seeking full custody of the children, and Raymond is looking to level out custody between the two parents.

The tears came Monday after Foster’s lawyer suggested that Raymond cared more about partying than caring for his kids. The lawyer showed pictures of Usher in a Dutch nightclub earlier this year. According to TMZ and the New York Daily News, Raymond admitted to smoking marijuana in the past, but never in front of the kids. TMZ reports that Raymond shied away from admitting whether he had seen his children while under the influence.

Usher claimed Tuesday that Foster had attacked him and his girlfriend once, throwing food, spitting on the girlfriend and yelling. According to Raymond, Foster wanted to physically fight with his girlfriend, and also hit Raymond. He didn’t press charges because, as he said in court Tuesday, “I didn’t want the boys to know that their father put their mother in jail.” Foster’s lawyer claims that Raymond provoked her and that his account is exaggerated.

This is not a pretty custody battle, and unfortunately, the ones that will suffer the most are the kids, as usual. And we don’t intend any insult by our header image; custody battles are no laughing matter. But we’ve got a really bad habit of ‘shopping things inappropriately.

8BitDad Official Armchair Attorney Advice: It sounds like both Raymond and Foster have issues to work out apart from each other, as well as together, but from our limited resources and accounts, we rule in favor of Usher. Since Tameka had actually attacked Usher and his girlfriend – throwing things and threatening (and allegedly carrying out) physical violence – she seems to be the weaker link. Our suggestion is primary custody to Raymond with unsupervised visitation for Tameka two weekends out of the month. Social workers should check both houses, make sure living conditions are child-friendly, and check back in after three months for re-evaluation.