Proud Papas

A recent infographic about fatherhood involvement is poppin’ dad boners all over the place. There’s some great nuts and bolts info on it, such as the figures above, which show that dads are just as social-network-ally interactive as mothers, if not more.

But (and if you know this site, you know that there’s unfortunately always a “but”), did you catch that intro paragraph by Kristin Marino? Most of it is just fine – “blah blah blah, dads, blah blah online.” But the line that stood out to me was:

“Blogs, message boards, and other versions of social media geared to moms are the high-tech versions of this meeting of the minds. But it’s time for moms to move over, because modern dads are using their social media skills to brag and commiserate about their offspring and fatherhood.”

So, when moms are online, it’s a “meeting of the minds,” but when dads are online, they’re bragging and commiserating. Because where mom is intellectual, dad is just being a man, either boasting or complaining? I hate to make this a true statement by complaining about it – but c’mon. SRSLY?

I know I’m reading too far into this probably-innocent statement, but if I may be so bold, I suggest that it’s this kind of thinking that’s still keeping fathers judged unfairly in the parent-consumer market. Brands simply think that moms are making all of the thoughtful purchases and that dads are kicking back online and complaining about their wives or showing off their new motorcycle on Instagram.

Well suck an egg.

What’s that? An infographic, you say? Yeah, there’s that too. And before you get out your magnifying glass – no, they did not mention 8BitDad in their “Popular dads with something to say online” section.


Proud Papas

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