Zelda - Aw Yeah

It took Phil Villarreal “about 50 times” to beat Ganon in 1986’s The Legend of Zelda on the NES when he was eight years old. Phil’s five year old son, Luke, just beat him in three tries. The rest of Villareal’s story is told on Kotaku, at the link below.

It’s awesome to see fathers sharing old gaming franchises with their kids – but even better when they share the actual old games with them! Villarreal says he and his son played The Legend of Zelda on their Nintendo 3DS, and he still had to commandeer the game from his son to beat the hard parts…which is totally cool because those Wizzrobes were total buttholes in the later levels.

In the end, Villarreal had a great time with Luke, and that’s what gaming with your kid’s all about. Despite his feeling like he helped Luke out too much, Villarreal did incredibly powerful things with his kid: spent time with him, shared a hobby, made the kid feel important and powerful, and yeah, defeated Ganon.

Kotaku also kept the dad and Zelda theme going with another post yesterday…check it out.

(Thanks to Brandon Burchfiel for pointing us in the direction of this story)