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Review: Bear Grylls Survival and Pocket Tools
8 years ago

Review: Bear Grylls Survival and Pocket Tools

Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Tools

As summer creeps in and people plan their family camping, hunting and fishing trips, a dad’s got to assemble a Batman-like utility belt. Recently, knife wizards Gerber sent me a couple of their Bear Grylls line tools to
play with – the Survival Tool and Pocket Tool. These two tools are great for the camper, fisherman and hunter – but also really handy for weekend warriors and suburbanite dads alike.

Oh, and before you’re left wondering – this is the Gerber Legendary Blades company…not that baby food subdivision of Nestlé. We know: you’re a dad, you hear “Gerber” and all you think of is mashed peas.

So – if you are indeed the outdoorsy type, boy do these Gerber tools fit the job. But a guy like me that gets out only once a year for a fishing trip and spends most of the year as an indoorsy, tech-inclined dad still can get a whole lot of usage out of them.

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