The Shining

Reminder! You can share your stories of fatherly triumph with Hogan Hilling and Al Watts – and you might appear in an upcoming book! But you’ve got to act fast – the deadline is this Saturday – June 30!

Hilling and Watts are fathers and writers whose upcoming book and website project are titled: Dads Behaving Dadly: Chronicling the Fatherhood Revolution.

The two dads are looking to chronicle involved fathers in the United States and Canada.

From the press release we received:

Hilling and Watts hope the project will rebrand the image of fatherhood by highlighting all that is good about dads; provide good role models for fathers; help the public recognize and appreciate fatherhood; acknowledge the benefits of a dad’s presence in a child’s life and community; and validate a father’s contribution to parenting.

This will be the fifth parenting book by Hilling. Watts, who is president of The National At-Home Dad Network,, will be co-author. Their website,, is already live.

To submit a story log on to the website and click on the “Submission Guidelines” page. There is also a sample story on the “Sample Stories” page.

Hilling and Watts will judge the first round of submissions and the publisher of the book will make the final selections for the book.

About Hogan Hilling: Hilling has written four books on parenting: Pacifi(her): What She’s Thinking When She’s Pregnant and Rattled: What He’s Thinking When You’re Pregnant, The Modern Mom’s Guide to Dads, and The Man Who Would Be Dad. His book Pacifi(her) was a 2011 SheKnows first place Parenting Award winner – Hilling also serves as a board member at-large for The National At-Home Dads Network.

About Al Watts: Watts has been an at-home dad for nine years and is president of The National At-Home Dads Network. He also writes a weekly blog for the Omaha World-Herald’s popular parenting website, and is a monthly contributor for gender issues website Role/Reboot.

So – if you’ve got a story for Hilling and Watts, get it down in a Word doc and head over to their Submission page!