P.S. 10 Flash Mob

What happens when you take the too-cool parents from one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods, an internet trend that peaked last year(ish), and a song about banging chicks?

The parents of P.S. 10 – an elementary school in Park Slope, New York – organized an end-of-the-school-year flash mob with semi-viral results earlier this month. And naturally, you can’t swing a dead cat these days without hitting the Black Eyed Peas and LMFAO, so be ready for that. And be ready for the official 8BitDad Stick in the Mud®.


That’s what he wants to run through, ladies.

And while we’re on that topic – are we seriously the only ones in this country that don’t approve of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” being pushed so hard to kids? Can we just think about this for one second? Sure, I get it, the song’s everywhere, so what’s the problem with it being everywhere-plus-one? But we’re talking about the parents of P.S. 10 explicitly approving (through this flash mob) of a song that says “I’m running through these hoes like Drano.” In case you need someone to read into that for you, Drano is a plumbing liquid that you put down pipes. And if a guy is saying that he, specifically, is “running through [the pipes of] these hoes”, the guy means semen.

There’s of course, an alternate reading that claims that it’s just his music that will be “running through” those hoes – I mean women. We don’t buy that.

Oh, and BTW, he also just called every woman in the club a hoe. Yep, even your daughter! So this man wants his semen running through your daughter…and you just let your daughter know that it’s totally cool if she’s into that. Good on you! We’re not suggesting you suspend a kid from school for singing the lyrics, because clearly parents love the hell out of this song. And think about it – how many of these kids won’t go home and ask to download LMFAO’s album on iTunes now that mom and dad have danced to it? And when mom and dad say “no, that’s not appropriate for kids,” the child will be confused as to why it’s okay for mom and dad to dance to the song at their graduation, but it’s not okay for the kid to dance to the song at home. Oh wait, it IS okay. Whew.

We won’t really go after the Black Eyed Peas because they just say “sh*t” 8 or so times in the song, and clearly, if it’s not a problem using a thinly-veiled edited version of the song in front of elementary kids, that’s their prerogative.

Anyway, enough belly-aching from us. There’s an element of cuteness to it, if you’re not a stick in the mud like us. Here’s the video:

[vimeo id=”44485679″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Our official 8BitDad opinion: meh. If you’re looking for inspiring P.S. cuteness, check out P.S. 22’s kid’s chorus because it’s far more adorbs than a bunch of parents dancing to a song about semen in front of their kids.