Brad Lewis Jedi Trainer Dad

You may have recently seen on – yawn – every other website, a video of a little girl having the cutest little lightsaber fight with her dad. It’s cute, it’s ultra cool a father is playing with Star Wars stuff with his daughter, and we love it. But we also noticed something…and when we noticed it, we nerdgasmed.

The dad in the video, Brad Lewis, is a Texas native, who grew up on a ranch and knew when he saw Star Wars that he wanted to be a part of that universe. Years later, he’s had a 15 year career in the video game industry, and currently works at BioWare, as a senior VFX artist. He and his wife Katie have one child – Samantha – the baby Jedi you’ve seen in the viral video.

That viral video and a Q&A are after the jump.

Here’s the video getting all the attention:

It’s adorbs fo sho, but we noticed in the video description this: “The full size lightsaber is a custom one I have been building for about a year.”


We contacted Brad Lewis, and asked him nerdy questions about everything from Star Wars to nixie clocks to fatherhood. Wanna hear it? Here it goes:

8BD: Obviously, the internet’s on fire about your lightsaber training video right now, but you’ve got a lot of awesome projects on your site. What’s your most valued project?

BL: Probably my most valued project is one I am doing for me: The Obi Wan Kenobi ‘epic reveal’ lightsaber (which is featured in that video, if only the blade and sound effects) which I have been working on for about a year and a half. It represents the most challenging thing I have built so far, and I am having a total blast with it now that it is nearing completion. Just a few more polish tasks and it will be complete, and I’ll be on to something else.

8BD: And you MADE your lightsaber in your video, right? That’s not just the Master Replicas one I’ve got.

BL: Yes, all the lightsabers on are ones I have made. The one my daughter is holding in the video is a little light up M&M candy holder I got in my Christmas stocking this year, and put away in a drawer. I ran across it while looking for something else, and brought it out to Samantha, handed it to her, and she figured out how to turn it on, and that’s when the video happened.

8BD: You also made a nixie clock for your daughter’s nightlight. What other stuff have you made for her?

BL: I built her some shelves in art deco/art nouveau style around her room, so she can put little trinkets or stuffed animals up there out of reach, and for decoration. I think now that she’s much more mobile I want to build her a little pirate ship wagon to scoot around the floor on and pull her cats around in.

Brad Lewis Nixie

Part of the nixie nightlight Lewis made for his daughter.

8BD: You work for Bioware, on Star Wars The Old Republic. Did you apply at Bioware because of your love for Star Wars?

BL: Originally I applied at BioWare years ago, and turned them down to go work at id Software in Dallas, when we found ourselves back in Austin, I tossed an email at BioWare’s art director, and they found a spot for me. Yes, I do love Star Wars, but at the time, BioWare was the best and biggest project going… Star Wars was just icing on the cake.

8BD: Got any other projects going on right now we should be excited about?

BL: Any projects cooking right now are visible either on, or, my three sites…I am starting a high-end nixie clock soon for a good friend of mine, and after that I have a Darth Vader ‘epic reveal’ saber to complete. Beyond that I have loads of people asking if I will work on projects, so I will either pick something from that list or take a break and enjoy watching my daughter learn to run, which she’s close to doing now.

8BD: What’s one bit of advice you’d want to give to all fathers?

BL: Advice?

8BD: We didn’t stutter, Jedi – answer the question.

BL: No matter how busy you get, stop and enjoy your child, your family, your pet, whatever it is in your life that depends on you. Apart from that, I’m the one looking for advice.

Thanks to Brad Lewis for getting back to us so quickly, even though crazy big networks are featuring his video right now. It means a lot to us, and we’re happy to feature such an awesome dad on the site! Look for an article in the future when we follow up with him and some of the awesome projects he’s doing for his daughter!

In the meantime, we suggest Lewis gets his daughter enrolled in Jedi Academy right now. There have got to be scholarships, or something.