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Guess what, dad? You’re embarrassing, dude. “Researchers found that children are embarrassed by their father,” says an article in The Daily Mail, “thanks to their bad fashion sense, lack of style and even the car they drive.”

The totally objective study was commissioned by Specsavers (ahem, dot co, dot uk) to coincide with their “Dob in your dad” campaign and contest to find Britain’s least style-savvy dad. The study involved 2,000 13-21 year olds, and found some incredibly disheartening results.

The study found the following:

  • 8-in-10 often cringe at their dad.
  • 60% believe their dads think they’re cooler than they really are.
  • 60% believe their dads lack a flair for fashion.
  • 28% are actually humiliated by their dad’s fashion.
  • 15% hate their dad’s hair style.
  • 75% say they’re ashamed of the things their dad says in public.
  • 1-in-20 complain about their dad’s choice in glasses.
  • One third are so embarrassed by their dad that they make him drop them off around the corner from their destination.
  • 1-in-5 refuse to let their dad drive them anywhere.
  • 30% avoid physical affection with their dad in public (kissing, hugging, cuddling).
  • 10% said they would completely ignore their fathers if they bumped into them in the street.

So there you have it: British kids are not happy about their dads, according to a totally objective, not-at-all skewed survey.