spider-man trampoline

Do you like Spider-Man? Do you like father-son superhero moments? Well then we’ve got a video for you.

Daniel Garcia wanted to motivate his son and reward him for doing good things. So, Daniel did what any guy would love to do: dress up like a superhero and play in a trampoline park with his son.

Video after the jumperooski.

Daniel’s son, Oliver even got a Spider-man costume to wear as well. This is top-notch fatherhood, and fantastic video editing. Also – kudos for using the old Apollo 440 Spider-Man remix (from the 2000 video game)!

Here’s the “amazing” video:

And if you’re wondering where in the world you can play in a warehouse full of trampolines, this one’s a Sky High Sports, in Houston, Texas. Pssst, they’ve got multiple locations in seven different states!