Derp Olympics

This week’s Podcast Question of the Week is about the Olympics:

What’s your kid’s favorite Olympic event?

Are you watching the Olympics with your children? The best part about watching the Olympics with your kid is letting them see different nations of the world competing in sports that they might not have ever watched before. And because the Olympics only come once every four years, your kids might have a whole different point of view on sports by the time they come around again. The Olympics give your kids a chance to see the normal stuff like soccer, track, volleyball, swimming and basketball – but also cool stuff like weightlifting, gymnastics, fencing, the rings and diving.

So what’s your kid’s favorite Olympic event? Is he or she rooting for a specific athlete? Are they even rooting for another country in one of the events?

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast! Be sure to watch on Tuesday, 8/14.