Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. This one is worth about two: “f*ck that”.

George Takei posted this photo over on his Facebook page about four hours ago. Now I realize George had nothing to do with the creation of this photo and has no real emotional attachment to it, so I’m taking it to the 8BD. He usually shares some really silly, funny and sometimes poignant photos. Being the sensitive, tight butthole that I am – I didn’t find this one funny at all.

First of all, this ain’t my house. It reminds me of that Hyundai Azera commercial with the dad that couldn’t control his sh*t, only this time it’s mom. Take that, moms!

The problem I have with this photo is the subtext. It’s insulting moms AND dads. YES it’s hyperbole, but creatively it’s unimaginative and weak. And before the “it’s just a picture” and “grow some balls” comments get thrown around, there’s no battle to fight here and nothing to gain. It’s just one of those eye-rollers where everyone loves to comment “LMAO THATS SO MEEEE”. Stop. It.

I’m actually curious about the origin of this photo. If you have any insight as to what this was photo was for or who the creative director is, comment below!

What’s your opinion of the photo? Does this photo speak for you?