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A lot of people have grand ideas for loved ones’ ashes. Some toss them over a waterfall, let them loose in the ocean, or bury them in their garden. Some people even put them in pills and…well, you know. But one Australian family won the gold medal for covert operations – scattering their father’s ashes at the Triple Jump Track at the London Olympics.

Robyn Glynn had gone to the Olympics in 2000 with her father, George Avery. Avery said he’d return to the London Olympics in 2012 – since he won a silver medal for the Triple Jump in the Olympics in 1948, which were also held in London. Avery passed away in 2006, but that didn’t stop Glynn and her sisters.

“So my sister and myself, our husbands, our daughter and our grandchildren came with his ashes,” Robyn Glynn told Adam Spencer of the Australian Broadcasting Corp. “And he’s here with us as we watch the Triple Jump.”

Glynn doesn’t share any of the details as to how she and her family snuck an urn full of ashes into the Olympic Stadium, but says that they actually got down to the edge of the track, where they released Avery’s ashes into the breeze – which carried them right down onto the Triple Jump track.

Annnnnd bucket list.