Dad Hooked You Up

A majority of men make school lunches regularly for their children. Moreso than moms, says a recent online poll.

The Back-to-School themed shopping study, by Harris Interactive, was commissioned by From July 20-24, they polled 2,208 adults living in the U.S. – including both moms and dads.

The study found that 55% of moms are “stressed out” merely by the idea of shopping for and packing school lunches. In fact, less than 50% of parents polled make lunches for their kids more than three times a week.

The best part of the survey was masked in the worst: through condescending language, it was reported that men are more likely than women to pack lunches regularly for their kids – 55% of men versus 43% of women. However, Harris and said it like this: “Mr. Mom may be helping reverse this trend; surprisingly men were more likely than women to regularly pack lunch for their kids (55 vs 43%).”

Dear Harris, and all other applicable media, press and entertainment outlets, please stop calling fathers “Mr. Mom.” Fathers are fathers – they’re not moms with penises. Would you refer to women in business as “Mrs. Businessman”? If you do, you’re terrible. Second, cut the “surprisingly” from your press release. If you’re doing research on the topic – talk to some real dads on Twitter and Facebook. There are a lot of us regularly making meals for our kids, and caring for them the same way that you assume only moms do. Again, would it be appropriate for you to say “Surprisingly, a majority of women know how to us a copy machine in the office”? Of course not.

You surprise surrounding involved fathers and presumption that moms are the only ones caring for children perpetuates the idea that a man’s place is at work and a woman’s place is in the home. As you can imagine, this is bad for both genders. Surprisingly, as you would say, us fathers want what’s best for our spouses and kids too.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out the rest of the stats (which get a little ho-hum after the gender stuff) in the article linked below.