Daddy-Proof Onesie

Dads love a good laugh. But something that’s getting tiresome is the constant joke that they don’t know how to dress and change babies.

This onesie was brought to the attention of Reddit‘s “Daddit” section by Hudson22, who simply titled his post “I hate this.”

We do too. We checked out the manufacturer, Sara Kety, which sells all sorts of onesies – I mean, all sorts except for ones bad-mouthing moms. To be fair, they also sell one that says “My daddy may not wear a cape but he’s my hero” and also includes the phrases “burp me,” “feed me,” and “change me” – so that’s cool.

We just wish the jokes about dads not knowing what to do would stop – because no one makes those kinds of jokes about moms.

BTW, the comments on the Reddit thread were really interesting, and fell into three basic boxes:

1) “I hate this and it has to stop

2) “I don’t like it, but I’m a good father so who cares

3) “Stop whining and focus on real fatherhood issues

We actually ride the fence between all three, for the record.