This is a cute little story of a 5-year-old girl named Genevieve writing a letter to another Genevieve she has never met… simply because she has the same first name. Her dad helped typed the letter for his daughter so that she could just say thanks for the inspiration. “Now I know that a girl with my same name can do something special and not be afraid.”

*Dad swoon*

It’s really great (and sad at the same time) amidst today’s fast paced medium of technology, where toddlers run around with iPods and iPads, when a parent can say, ‘let’s type out a letter together, we’ll send it with some drawings in the mail to this person.’

We wish we we had the resources to reach her father for comment, but we did manage to find a photo of Genevieve with brother, Wyatt, at a parade that took place in Harleysville, PA back in May.

Genevieve Borchetti, 5, and her brother Wyatt, 2, wave flags as the Harleysville Country Days Parade makes its way along Main St on Saturday morning May 26, 2012. Photo by Mark C Psoras.

Hopefully the Philadelphia Phillies can arrange something where the Borchetti’s are able to sit in the field seats next to Ball Girl, Genevieve Haney, at a game. That would be way cool.

Below is the video that little Genevieve watched:

Mr. Borchetti: you, sir, are an awesome parent.

Harleysville photo courtesy of