Ohhh “LOST”, I can’t quit you. Apparently, neither can Monica and Joao from Portugal. This husband and wife collecting duo have some unique items and aren’t afraid to show it. Their blog, m-and-j-collection.blogspot.pt, features an amazing collection that they are both passionate about.

There are photos of everything you could possibly imagine. Some of my favorites include a Terminator 2 T-800 Endoskull, a 1996 bootleg of Nine Inch Nails – Soundquakes: Quake Soundtrack, an authentic special collector’s edition Top Gun U.S. Navy G-1 Jacket and a special edition Borat DVD with Mankini from Australia. If you want to see a room filled with most of their collection, there’s even a 3D overview.

Their home is literally a museum for everything they love… and they’re weeks away from bringing home their greatest love of all.

They have been preparing for their first child who is due September 14th of this year, a baby boy that they have named Páris (like Páris from Troy). Most people typically fashion their first born’s room with a common theme. For example, my wife and I went with the Disney princess theme for our daughter since we basically lived at Disneyland while we were dating. We even made Disneyworld our honeymoon destination.

“We think that love is the most important thing and we have a lot to give him.”

Monica and Joao, who manage real estate in Cascais, have decorated their future son’s room with inspiration from the popular television show “LOST“. It’s cute, simple and yet very detailed. “We spent about 60 hours between furnishing, decorating and making/customizing some of the items,” they told 8BitDad.

Check out this awesome time lapse video of the room assembly:

If you spend some time poking around the M&J Collection blog, you will see that detail is even present in the cataloging and descriptions of their collectables. They take precise photos of each piece, including the nursery. Check out their photo gallery below.

8BD Q&A with Monica and Joao:

8BD: I couldn’t help but notice that you guys are big collectors. What is your favorite out of the bunch?

Joao: My favorite collection is the “clothing editions”. We make some clothing for us and give to our collector friends as well.

Monica: For me it’s kind of difficult to choose just one, but there is one I like to mention. It’s Perfume: The Story of a Murderer – LE Fascination of Scents Box Set because I just love the movie and the edition is amazing.

8BD: When did you start watching Lost? Also, what made you decide on the Lost theme versus one of your other passions (say Star Trek, for example)?

M&J: We started watching “LOST” back in 2008. We already knew it was good show but we preferred to wait because we don’t like to watch one episode per week. We do the same with all shows, usually we wait until the season ends and stay away from spoilers.

For the nursery we thought about some other options like Lord of the Rings (Hobbit), Star Wars, Star Trek, “Prison Break” (just kidding), “V” the TV Series and other movies.

While still undecided about the theme, we were out shopping when we saw a Polar Bear in a store. We thought, “OMG this is ‘LOST’!” but we needed more. The bear alone was not enough, so we curbed our enthusiasm and continued looking. That same day we went to another store and saw the trees. In that moment it was clear to us, “LOST” is perfect (the Island was giving us signals)! With these items we had some more ideas and started to realize the potential for a nursery. We also thought the colors and the jungle would create a calm and relaxing room.

We also had some attention to the materials like in the jungle, we choose materials easily washable and safe for the baby. After this point the other ideas came naturally like to any other “LOST” fan.

8BD: Which items in the nursery were customized or handmade?

M&J: We customized the baby food products, the supply crate, the bed, the mobile and the planes, the baby clothes, the rabbit, the blanket and the van.

From scratch, we made the Baby Dharma Station wooden Symbol, the pillow, the comforter cover and the changer diaper cover. In our picture, we had a background and took the picture like Desmond and Penny.

8BD: Where did you find/purchase the items for the baby room?

M&J: Almost everything we bought here in local stores. We bought the Sawyer Bobblehead from Amazon and we got the Van and the Oceanic Patch on eBay.

8BD: Which item in the baby room is your favorite?

Joao: For me it’s all of the jungle but I really like our “Desmond and Penny” picture.

Monica: I also think the jungle is fantastic and I love the Polar Bear.

8BD: Knowing that you’ve gone through this, what pointers or tips do you have for other parents who want to do something similar to a nursery?

M&J: First choose 2 or 3 themes, and visit many stores, do some research on the net. When you start to find one or two elements the ideas will come naturally. We also think that it’s important to enter our baby’s nursery and feel comfortable with the room environment when we take care of him, play with him and give him our love.

8BD: Finally, if you could give one piece of advice for parents, what would it be?

M&J: This is our first baby so it’s all new for us and we are also learning. We think that love is the most important thing and we have a lot to give him.

We’d like to congratulate Monica and Joao on their future son, Páris, and we’d also like to thank them for taking the time to answer a few of our questions. Please check out their site, m-and-j-collection.blogspot.pt for more info.

Photos courtesy of Monica & Joao / m-and-j-collection.blogspot.pt