Black Dad Shirt

Are you an old punk lover whose man cave is tangled in guitar cords and fist-in-the-air anti-authoritarian rah-rah? Well, while trolling through the #starwars hash tag on Instagram, I ran across this guy – Tony (@gonkdroid).

As you can imagine, he puts the proton torpedo in our Death Star thermal exhaust port.

Tony’s a dad living in Los Angeles, and as you can see from his Instagram account, he collects Star Wars action figures and memorabilia. Tony found this awesome shirt that’s reminiscent of the Black Flag logo – replaced with Darth Vader heads. It was so awesome that we had to give Tony and the shirt-maker a shout-out.

You can buy the “Black Dad” shirt on A Bearded Wookie Design’s Society6 page, where the designer, Steve goes by the name Don Calamari. You can also find Steve on Instagram under @abeardedwookie. But be sure to check out some of the other awesome Star Wars designs on that Society6 page!


(It has been zero days since our last Star Wars mention)